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Dec 9
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Thank you #Volunteers!
The VolSol Team wants to extend a big THANK YOU to all its volunteers.
You are the reason behind the smiles on the faces of millions of people. Be it taking care of children in orphanages, working for animal welfare at ele…
Dec 4
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A beautiful addition to our list of volunteering destinations - #Zanzibar

Zanzibar located off the coast of #Tanzania is a beautiful group of islands that gives you the opportunity to explore fascinating beaches, British hegemony and exotic spices…
Dec 2
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  • Hey, there! Planning to volunteer this summer (June 26th) in Bangkok/Surin, Thailand. I would love to get to know anyone planning to go on the same trip. My email is
    Happy Volunteering!!
  • Hello! Is anyone planning to volunteer in Cusco, Peru this December?? I will be there the 14th-28th and am hoping there are other volunteers going to be there then too! :)
  • Hey Everyone, Anyone planning to do any of the volunteer programs in Asia ( Thailand, Nepal, India, Cambodia or Sri Lanka) either later this year or earlier next year? Would be awesome to meet some members who are :) xx
  • Guys Nepal Volunteer Week is On! Reply or Comment here who want to enroll for Volunteering in Nepal. Discounted Rates available.
  • Hi all, anyone in Beijing beginning July?
  • hey everyone. is anyone going on the wildlife conservation to port Elizabeth?
  • Hello everybody!! Is anyone joining the Street Children Programme in Delhi next August? I'll be there, and would be nice to start meeting people who will be there too :)
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