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  • Hi.!! I`m from Argentina!! Buenos Aires, i`m planning my trip to Africa with this organization, if anyone that has traveled can tell me how was the experience i`ll be grateful!!
  • I'm going to Costa Rica in a few days! Anyone else going? I also have some questions for the veterans... :)
  • Anyone to Delhi in August for the Street Children programm? I'll be there for the whole month :D
  • Hey! Im going to Nairobi, Kenya un August 2. Somebody is going too???!
  • I'm going to Nepal the second half of July! Is anyone going as well?
    Voy a ir a Nepal a finales de julio, alguien más va a ir? Mejor aún si encuentro a alguien Español. :)
  • Anyone doing Thailand Summer Program 2015 July 24?
  • HI, i'm joining Delhi- street children program in august. Anyone with me?
  • Hi! Anyone going to Ho Chi Mihn ( Vietnam) in August? I will be there the 17th August - 6th September!
  • Hello anyone going to Delhi, India in July? I am going the 19th July - 1st August :)
  • hey! anyone going to kikuyu, kenya in august this summer? :)
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