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Aug 24
Myung A Hong posted a discussion
Hey guys! Anyone in Beijing from middle of October on?School and orphanage program :)
Aug 22
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Aug 18
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Nicole Cahill replied to Zoe Heckhausen's discussion Cape Town in South Africa July/August 2014
"Aww Hey Zoe, I'm away from 20th of September for two weeks.  I'm doing the social welfare programme.
Is anyone else going around this time. If anyone has been can you give me any tips or advice please. How much spending money would you recommend for…"
Aug 6
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Aug 5

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  • Hi.!! I`m from Argentina!! Buenos Aires, i`m planning my trip to Africa with this organization, if anyone that has traveled can tell me how was the experience i`ll be grateful!!
  • I'm going to Costa Rica in a few days! Anyone else going? I also have some questions for the veterans... :)
  • Anyone to Delhi in August for the Street Children programm? I'll be there for the whole month :D
  • Hey! Im going to Nairobi, Kenya un August 2. Somebody is going too???!
  • I'm going to Nepal the second half of July! Is anyone going as well?
    Voy a ir a Nepal a finales de julio, alguien más va a ir? Mejor aún si encuentro a alguien Español. :)
  • Anyone doing Thailand Summer Program 2015 July 24?
  • HI, i'm joining Delhi- street children program in august. Anyone with me?
  • Hi! Anyone going to Ho Chi Mihn ( Vietnam) in August? I will be there the 17th August - 6th September!
  • Hello anyone going to Delhi, India in July? I am going the 19th July - 1st August :)
  • hey! anyone going to kikuyu, kenya in august this summer? :)
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